ryan fogleman

composer | producer | teacher

credits & clients

Elohim Eternal II: Son of Man (In Development)

Original soundtrack

The World is Ending (2023)

Original score, sound design, dialogue editing, Dolby 5.1 mixing

Elohim Eternal: The Babel Code (2023)

Original soundtrack

Heroes of Holdem (2023)

UI, magic and creature sound design

A Bogotá Trip (2022)

2022 Marina Del Rey Film Festival Audience Choice Award - Best Feature 

Dialogue editing, Dolby 5.1 mixing, additional music

Full Throttle Dance Company

Remixes of pop, hip-hop, reggae, EDM, and beyond for world-class dancers at Full Throttle Dance Co.

King on Screen (2022)

Dialogue editing, Dolby 5.1 mixing

Eadus Ending (2022)

Original soundtrack

Bubbaruka! (2021)

Additional music, sound design

buckleUp! with Natalia Earle

2022 NYX Awards Gold Winner, 2023 AVA Digital Awards Gold Winner

Theme song

The Revenant Prince (2020)

Original soundtrack, sound design

EXILE: A Tribute to Supergiant Games (2019)

Remix of "Apex Beat" by Darren Korb from Transistor

TORCH with Tiana Madera

Theme song, podcast editing

Fares (2019)

Original soundtrack, sound design

Revenant Gods: Ragnarok Chronicles (2018)

Original soundtrack, sound design

Fading Remnants (2018)

Original soundtrack, sound design

Ceress and Orea (2018)

Original soundtrack, sound design

Dear Edwin (2017)

Original soundtrack, sound design


Ryan Fogleman is a musician based in Southern Oregon. Throughout their career, Ryan has had the privilege of working with mentors and collaborators locally and internationally - such Mark Eliot Jacobs, Christine Eggert, Daniel Kocurek, Dean Andre, Daphné Baiwir, and Plueschkatze. Their composition, production and arrangement skills have been utilized on genre-spanning projects, from delicate chamber music and atmospheric film scores to bubblegum pop and trap beats. Ryan's passion for discovery drives them to constantly push the limits of their comfort zone and explore new creative avenues, such as the experimental audiovisual pieces "lovely, sweet dreams" (2018) and "now.then.never" (2019)  created for the Oregon Fringe Festival.

Ryan gives private lessons locally and remotely, with custom curricula for each student based on their interests in guitar, songwriting, composition, virtual orchestration, production, and so on. In addition to their work as a composer, producer and teacher, Ryan is also an accomplished performer who is proficient in a variety of instruments. Coming from an academic background in the classical and jazz guitar repertoires to more recent auto-didactic pursuits across the instrumental spectrum, they have played guitar, bass, strings, piano, synthesizers, percussion and beyond in musicals such as Spring Awakening, bands, and session recordings. Ryan looks forward to continuing to grow and evolve as an artist, pursuing new opportunities and bringing sounds to even more ears around the world.

reach out to me at ryan@ryanfogleman.com for commissions, lessons, or anything else!